How We Are Different

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Rent without deposit

VAT is included in the price

All forms of payment

Cash, mastercard, visa and others

Full tank of fuel as a gift

Toll roads are included

Full car insurance is included in the price

Get in Touch For Any Car Requirement.

We will do our best to meet
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Luxury Car Rentals in Airport Terminal 3

How We Are Different

About Us

About Our Company

Leo DXB - British owned Luxury Car Rental Dubai

A British owned company based in Dubai, we’re all about bringing luxury car dreams to life. Our fleet is packed with the hottest high-end vehicles from Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes, and more. 

We’re all about making your experience top-notch, from the moment you reach out to us to the time you return the car. Our team is dedicated to giving you a personalized, seamless, and unforgettable time with us. Leo Exotics is here to make it happen, with unparalleled exotic car rental. 

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Cadillac Escalade Car Rent in Dubai